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i have made some 3d parts from a dxf file drawing, and now i need to extract the parts from the part file in to seperate parts and save them as seperate parts ready to go in a assy file.


what would be the easy way to go about this.

many thanks



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Hi Paul,


Any chance you can share the file here? [or privately if need be].....a little hard to offer a solution based on that info alone.


Depends if you have used Multi-Body method to created the part, but I suspect you may have constructed a monolithic part, with a stack of features that define it. The, it depends on where you want to break it down into individual files.....and there is also a [now] hidden command called "Divide". [use command finder to locate & run it]


What version & build of Solid Edge are you on??

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Re: Part files


I will try and post them a little later.

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Siemens Genius

I have only ever used .dxf translations for 2D information.  I mostly used STEP and IGES for 3D information.


With STEP and IGES, when you open them in Solid Edge it will ask you how you want to open the document.  If you select "assembly", then it will create components files for the components in the assembly.


If DXF supports 3D geometry, I think it would be nice if Solid Edge behaved similarly.  I, too, would like to see the file.


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Steve, I believe ST7 was modified that it now provides options for importing a nested SAT file in DXF/DWG using the mentioned options of Part or Assembly. 


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