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Parting Split of a Cylinder problem

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Hello all!


I am new to this forum and have a problem. I am trying to create a mould from a surfaced part but I am finding it difficult to split the mould using the parting split command.


My problem is it is not giving me a closed sketch when using the parting split command which will then let me use the parting surface command, I have attached a photo of my problem and the the parts which I am having difficult with. I have also attached a render of the assembly which it is from.


Any help is much appreciated!



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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Parting Split of a Cylinder problem

If you're just trying to split the block in two, I would use the Split command under Add Body. I just created a plane in the middle of the block and used that to split it. It will create two bodies in the pathfinder then for the top and bottom halves of the block. 


Re: Parting Split of a Cylinder problem

Thank you Bweisenberger, I have been following the online tutorial with no success and scratching my head as to why.


Much appreciated!



Re: Parting Split of a Cylinder problem

Even though you've "gotten where you want to go" it might be good to understand the issue you were having. Before you go for a parting line, check to see if you have the draft angles you need to pull from the mold. Go to the Inspect Tab and Draft Face Analysis. Once you specify the pull direction, you would have seen the circular faces go BLUE -- crossover faces -- meaning they cross over the parting line and one half will be on one side and one on the other. And you would have seen the planes in GREEN -- vertical faces -- these will not pull cleanly from the mold. 


So what you saw when you tried to create a parting line is the green faces do not cross over and therefore generate no parting line. You really need to add draft to the green faces (from the midline) to be able to pull this from the mold. 

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development