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Parts Library?

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I have been attempting to get Solid Edge up and running in our school
Currently we have been using Inventor for which the cost is minimal to the school.
Previously we used Solid Edge (Until the pricing became rediculous).
A couple of years ago I contacted Siemens and went through a process to try and get a copy in our school as the teachers wanted it.
We went through a process attempting to get a grant which ended up failing. I believe the UK part of the company said yes and the US part said no or something like that.
I have now found out that there is a high school edition free for schools which is great.
However there isn't a standard parts library as part of it.

Is there any way that we can get a copy of this?
It would just help our students, stop them from needing to create every nut and bolt that they are going to use to create a design.




Re: Parts Library?

McMaster-Carr has CAD files in different formats for almost all of their fasteners. While it is a bit more work to get the downloads than a Standard Parts library, you are not stuck drawing everything!
-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Parts Library?

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor
You can always access the Cadenas online parts library, I believe.
And to access the Standard Parts library, you have to install the Standard Parts Administrator, that is not installed by default, but is on the SE install disc. I believe the High School Edition also has this.

Re: Parts Library?

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This French site is really rather good - free 3D CAD models. You can download Solid Edge models for just about any application by the looks of it.