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Is there a way to have a parts list tied to multiple views? 


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I am not expert at working with parts lists but on the few occasions I've had to do this I have just created parts lists for each view and then delete all but one of the lists.  The annotation callouts stay with the correct numbering.



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SW wrote:

Is there a way to have a parts list tied to multiple views? 

Hi there,


I presume you are saying multiple views of the same Component, or Assembly.....? If so, then, Yes you can....just add baloons as required, making sure to activate the "Link To Parts List" option,  


You might like to review the information in this link for more... 

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Yes and No.


I do this by creating mutiple parts list, but only display one of them. This add the need to make sure both lists are configured the same.


Then I can have multiple views with a complete set of call out bubbles.

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If I understand crystal clear what you want, you can do it.


You have to place a parts list what is tied to either drawing view and after this have to use Parts list command once again but toggle off "place Parts list" option and this will be tied to other view.


Here is a short video about this:






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I wish that vid had english menus.


I have yet to figure out how to get item numbers to show up related to sheet metal flat patterns.

My BOM is is on a different sheet. The view is NOT assembly driven as it is a flat pattern.


Now: How do I get the item number for the flat pattern to show up? And yes, I want that item number to dynamically change as the BOM changes.

Note: it is imposible to get the item number to show up using annotation. They have religated all item numbering to that specific tool.


If it works at all, I assume the piece of the puzzle I'm missing is how to link the BOM from another tab to the sheet or bubble I'm trying to get the itme number into.