Parts disappearing when rotated?

Quick question for all of the SE vets. Today when I opened up a sub-assembly I noticed as it's rotated or if I zoom in and out the parts start to disappear into thin air. See the video below for the behavior. In the past I've seen this as a memory/graphics issue and a simple reboot mitigates this problem (typically after a day's worth of hard graphics work). When rotating this sub-assembly in the context of the master assembly however, this does not happen. Any ideas?


Thank you.


Re: Parts disappearing when rotated?

Any chance you have a Clipping Plane turned on?

Kevin Grayson
Solid Edge Technical Consultant

Re: Parts disappearing when rotated?

Nvidia has bad memory looks with Windows 10 and SE. I have to reboot about every two hours. Once the Vid ram is no longer clean, SE stops showing things or prevents you for selecting things.



Re: Parts disappearing when rotated?

12Gage, That stinks that you have to reboot every 2 hours. I would pull the remaining hair I have out if I had to do that. I am not experiencing that problem with Win 10/ST9 setup. I have been on the Win10 PC for about a month since it was rebuilt from Windows7. Card is a Quadro K4000 and my driver version is 362.56 and it runs like a champ.
Dale Smith
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.
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