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Parts list position



So everytime i need to place a parts list I have to manually go in to the properties and put in the value for where on the X and Y axis i want to place the list.


Is there any way for this to go smoother?


I use Solid Edge ST8 and i use the position X=235mm Y=59mm. I tried to save the settings but I still have the parts list attached to my mouse when I click on the view of the part.



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‎09-22-2015 10:20 AM

Betreff: Parts list position


have a look onto the second sheet of BOM properties called position


There You will find in the upper left area of the prop table an option "use predefined origin for placement"


Click on that and SE will use the x,y coordinates in the lower right area for positioning!




Re: Parts list position

Hi here is a workaround!



(X;Y) are the coordinates of lower right corner of the BOM when the macro "CAAP_Macro_PartsList_Replace.exe" is executed.


The templates have to be modified.


Here is the Youtube Video of CAAP "IN DUTCH!!!"


To download the macro:



Re: Parts list position

By simply selecting the properties button for the parts list you can create a parts list insertion point for each draft sheet size you have to work with. Select the columns you want, the insertion point and the coordinates of the insertion point and anything else you want to capture and save each as a reconizable name. I have mine set to insert the parts list in the upper right-hand corner of A, B, C, & D sized sheets.


When I select the view, the arrow to the right of the properties button will display all of the saved arrangements you have and when you select one it places the parts list in the appropriate place. If later you change the sheet size, you simply select the parts list and grab the pulldown and change the selection to position the parts list correctly for the desired sheet size..


This parts list information is saved to a file called "draftlist.txt" and by default is located in the reports folder under your templates folder. You will want to make sure to move the file and/or folder when you upgrade to a newer version.

Bob Henry
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Re: Parts list position

Hi Bob,


I changed the intersection point for A4 sheet with the upper corner of the parts list to:

x=210-5 ; y=297-5

The parts list sits in the appropiate coordinates and I saved this Settings under YD.


YD is now available from any other new DRAFT but the coordinates (X=205;y=292) are not.





Re: Parts list position

Are you certain you saved the configuration after entering the coordinates you need? I just tested this and it works fine for me, but I am on ST7. You must make all the settings and save it before you exit the window to place the parts list.

Bob Henry

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Re: Parts list position

Yes I did. But I am now working on ST5.


I will be able to try it on ST7 but in a few hours and let you know any updates...


Many thanks,