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I have ST4 and no matter what I do I cannot keep my pathfinder open on the side like it used to be previous to the ST versions of SE with the Parts Library tab, and others. I have had it set to auto hide (pinned) and then unpinned but whenever I'm doing anything in assembly or going in and out of a file, it keeps disappearing and I have to go in and either unpin or show it again. I want the orginal version of the pathfinder inside teh white box. I'm not a fan of the pathfinder in the model view. Whenever I zoom all, 1/3 of the part is behind the tree.


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Hi Can you SS this, as long as the Pane is snapped to a location it should stay in place.  You can hold ctrl and Double click top bar on pathfinder to switch between Pane and Floating type. 

Are you using Single or Twin Screens? 

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Go into Solid Edge Options. Helpers Tab. Uncheck "Show Pathfinder in View" which is about halfway down the page.

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Yes, there are some ways to do this...


The 3rd solution is that when you customze the Layout. This is useful because you can save a UI theme from this.


Here is a video:




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Here is a SS of a typical assembly (Pic 1, below), after I’ve turned on the Pathfinder and Parts library.


I open the very last feature in the pathfinder (3H0390320000.asm) (Pic 2) and now the Pathfinder and Parts Library are gone.


I exit out of the assembly and go back to the assembly that I was in (Pic 3), and now the Pathfinder and Parts Library are gone from that one now.


Half of the time spent in these assemblies is spent turning the Pathfinder and Parts Library back on.


Is there a way to keep it on ALL of the time like it used to be in v20 and earlier?





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Does anyone have any suggestions?


Is this a problem with SE?


Is this the right forum for this question?



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Sounds like corrupt user settings.  I would look at deleting your "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unigraphics Solutions\Solid Edge\Version 106" settings from the registry.  Do this with SE closed.  Be aware that any setting changes you have done like templates will need to be respecified after removing this entry as it puts SE back to a "just installed" state.


Disclaimer:  Deleting/changing registry settings can be potentially dangerous to application and/or system stability.  Use at your own risk.


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i'm on ST6 and couldn't reproduce your issue.

If you have the time. reinstall Se. if it still a problem, call in