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Pattern By Table command

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Valued Contributor

Hi edgers,


    I’ve been experimenting with the Pattern By Table command. If I could get it to work like we NEED it to, this could be powerful. I’ve spent some time with our VAR, trouble-shooting the various problems I’ve had with the command. But I’m still stuck with zero solutions. I’m hoping someone in the group could help me get past the first (and biggest) hurdle.


    I’ve attached a sample excel document and a part that has a table linked to it. For the sake of an example, I’ve already set up the excel file with some “design criteria” on Sheet2. It basically makes a round pattern with however many instances you specify. All the X, Y, and Rotation values reside on Sheet1, as expected. This is just quick and dirty, so be warned. Now, I started with the maximum number of instances (12 in this case), and the feature in Solid Edge seems fine. If the user selects fewer instances, the excel formula replaces the unnecessary values with a “” (empty quotes). But this is when the Solid Edge feature by table fails. I can’t think of any other method to allow the number of instances to increase or decrease, and still update automatically. Am I wrong in thinking this should work? If I would have to go in manually and remove unwanted cells, then this command falls squarely in the category of “half-baked” IMHO.


    My only goal with this exercise is to create a dynamic pattern, where the quantity of instances would update automatically. Seems simple enough, right?


I would appreciate any assistance,


ST8 MP9 (ordered)
Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1
Excel 2010


Re: Pattern By Table command

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Instead of "" use NA() for the null value.

Production: ST10 MP9, Testing: SE 2019

Re: Pattern By Table command

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Valued Contributor

That totally did the trick