Peer edges from a frame

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In the image below I am trying to dimension from point 4 to point 2. I am in a sketch in an assembly that is referencing the frame assembly. Part 5 is in the same assembly as the frame and I can dimension from that part no problem. Also the frame is a light blue colour I guess indicating that it cannot be used for peer reference.


Note I have inserted an image (6) to show that Peers is on. Point 3 shows the assembly that I am trying to dimension from. Point 1 is the sketch that I am working in.


Can someone please confirm that I cannot dimension from a frame edge.


I must apologize I had Spotify running when I made the video (oops)




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Re: Peer edges from a frame

Are the parts in the frame active?

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Peer edges from a frame

Hi bshand,


Yes; all components in the assemply are active, including the frame parts that I am trying to attach to. 


Thanks for your reply. It is much appreciated.

Re: Peer edges from a frame

I'm in the happit of using include to move part edges into the sketches the offset is required from. Besides solving your imidiate issues, this give you a method to repair this downstream. If the frame member is ever roated, changed out, or whatever, the included line can then be edited by removing the include symbal and relations (co-liniar in this case) can be added back to re-establish the dimenion to the deisred edge.

Re: Peer edges from a frame

Hi 12gauge,



Thanks for the reply. It is a good idea, I tried it in my assembly and found that if I leave  "Maintain associativity when projecting geometry for other parts in the assembly" turned on (2016-06-24_10h09_39.pngTicked) I cannot select any edge form the frame components, yet I can from any other part in that assembly. If I remove Maintain Associativity" then I can select the edge of a frame component, but the line is then floating and is not locked into position and cannot be used for dimensioning purposes. I could lock the line I guess.