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Perpetual relation, Sync, Offset

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I would like to create a perpertual realtion between sync parts with an offset. How can that be done?


In ordered, The include command has an option for an offset. Within the sketch environments it's also easy to add an offset. When moving to Sync, how does one creat a perpetual relation between two surfaces that are a fixed distance from each other?


As a back drop, I have a few other treads about moving to Sync from Ordered. To create a perpetual Sync relation:

1. Assembly parts using relations

2. Resize the parts to fit together using face relations

3. Create perpetual "inter part relations" for Planer and Concentric conditions


What is the best way to use an offset in step 3? Should I be using a perallel plane? Dummy object?