Pilot member in Alternate Assembly with a variable



I am sorry if I bother you with a bad english, I am a french student...

I want to change the current "Member" in "Alternate Assembly" from an Excel spreadsheet : I can't find the way to pilot which member is used with a variable, as if I manage doing that, I think it would be easy to link this variable and and Excel sheet.

Could you please help me doing that ?

Thank you very much



Re: Pilot member in Alternate Assembly with a variable

Apply a dimensions or find the variable in the variable table (if it's say, a plane location). Then go name the dimensions so you can find them under user variables. 


Then link the spreadsheet to a new variable you make in the varaible table. Then relate your variable using the table.


The problem I have had is keeping the spreadsheet linked after all files are closed and opened.


Make sure you save the spreadsheet in the same directory as the controlled CAD file before linking.


In general "Copy link" and "past link" make the connections from cells in the spreadsheet to the rows in the variable table.


I gave up using spreadsheet as it found the system more stable if I just go edit variables and or dimensions directly to achieve the same effect.

Re: Pilot member in Alternate Assembly with a variable

Thank you for your answer. It helped me solving one of my problems with Solid Edge assemblies.

I also asked a Siemens developper and he answered me it is not possible to switch between "members" in alternate assembly just by changing a variable in an Excel spreadsheet without developpate a specific API...