Point Cloud solution

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Hi All


I receive question relate to manipulate and convert point cloud inside Solid Edge

Anyone can shade light on this?


Mark any good parnert I can refer? Aby sign of integration?


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One technology partner you can look at is Reverse Engineering.  Here is their URL:



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[ Edited ]'d really want to do a lot of it for that sort of money.

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Just for info


I happend to get a quick demo of Trimble


They show us a section of a manufacture with lost of pipes, isolate the points of a spcific pipes, and turn it into a solid in a snap.


They export.


I open in Solid Edge and using synch, i was able to reroute the tube, change the size in less then a couple of minutes ( 5)

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Sounds like an interesting solution Luc.  They specifically for the process plant industry?


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No really any industry,


But i suspect process plant industry is their main customer as you can scan a whole plant probably in 1/1 000 000 the time it would take to just plan the design :-)


They have multiple solution for all size job


If i remember correctly, they scan offices and manufacture to rework the layout


They also use this for retrofit job. Example old aluminium plant that need to update their technology.


One technology I would like to see live in action is one where you take picture from three or more angle and create a solid out of it. Probably less precice but faster in many situation

Re: Point Cloud solution

I've used Rhino to convert point clouds into surfaces and then bring into edge to make solids, works not bad but does cost a bit too.  Rhino has a few tools specifically to create surfaces from point clouds.