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Print Setting Option/Video


One afternoon I got so frustrated with my drawing and not understanding the commands. I made this drawing by just doodling to understand some of the commands on how they operate... what does this and that.
So I would like to understand on the option, print command and using the Solid Edge Velocity Printer



Re: Print Setting Option/Video

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor
You can find loads of relevant information in the help files. (F1)
But just to kick it off, the Velocity printer is just a pseudo printer that is only need by the system, when the user chooses "Save As PDF".
Not entirely sure what you wanted to do in the looked like you'd got there...but, if you're having issues with it not filling a landscape sheet, try using "Print Area" and set the option to landscape, before clicking OK, to then window select the area to print.

Sean Cresswell
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