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Print to scale problem, not accurate enough


I'm new to Solid Edge 2D, but I'm learning fast as the program is simple to use
Now, I have made a drawing that I want to print and then transfer some points to
a sheet of metal and then work with the metal sheet.
My problem is that my printing scale is off by 0.5mm per 66mm. What I mean is: I
have a distance of 66.5mm between two horizontal lines on an "A4 Wide" paper. When
printed and measured on the paper, the lines are only 66.0mm apart instead of 66.5mm.
The problem is only horizontal (on A4 Wide) because the vertical lines have the
correct distance on paper.
What can I do to "calibrate" the printing? I guess it's my printer or driver thats
not accurate enough but I don't know. My printer is a black/white HP LaserJet 1018
- a small cheap printer that is.
Please advise :-)

Best regards,

Re: Print to scale problem, not accurate enough

The problem is that you are specifying a metric size drawing which is not
the same size as the paper you are printing to. A4 Wide mm. is not the same
as A Wide inch. A Wide is (8.5 X 11).
If you are trying to transfer points, and not really create a drawing, turn
off the sheet border so that the geometry you draw is within the print range
so that the printer is not autofitting the geometry. Right mouse click on
the Sheet1 tab at the bottom and click on Sheet Setup. Click on the Size tab
in the dialog. Change the Sheet size combo box to A Wide instead of A4 Wide.
Click on the the Background tab. Uncheck Show background. Click OK.
As long as you draw within the boundary of the sheet, it will print what you
There usually are also printer options to print actual size, not auto scale
to fit the paper.
Rick B.