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Printer Margins


I have started using Solid Edge 2D for a new project to layout test stand schematics
for our tech shop. I use the 2D model space to draft the schematic, and then overlay
the scaled ANSI A background on a 11 x 8.5 size piece of paper.
When I print the drawing, the margins come out very large, wasting a good portion
of the page. Is there a way to change the margins so that the boarders on the ANSI
A block that I insert can be much closer to the actual size of the paper?

Re: Printer Margins

When you print from 2D Model, you have two options (Current Display or Print
Area). There is no actual sheet to base the print size on. 2D Model is an
endless sheet of paper. It sounds like you are using the default which is
Current display. Whatever margin is visible on the display will be used for
printing. You best bet for your purpose is to use Print Area. I don't know
what you did to get the ANSI A background displayed in 2D Model unless you
copied and pasted the geometry from the background sheet.
There are blocks defined to do what you want on 2D Model. Look in the
'Sample Blocks' folder in the 'Solid Edge 2D Drafting' program folder. There
is a 'TitleBlocks.dft' file that has the sheet borders defined as blocks.
Use this file to drag and drop the border blocks into 2D Moddel.
You can also use the 'Drawing Area Setup' command under the File menu when
in 2D Model. Read the help on Drawing Area Setup.
Rick B.

Re: Printer Margins


You can try to print the drawing in working sheet. select "Print all colors as black" and "active sheet" on paper print. This print shoud be bigger than you print on 2D Model sheet