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Printing drawings

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I have a silly question, Can you tell me please how to set up Solid Edge or printer to print / recognize the size of drawing layouts like A4, A3 etc.


Every time when I have to print A3 or A4 drawing generated on Solid Edge I have to manually choose the proper size on the printer's menu. The printer cannot recognize automatically the size of the drawings.


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Solid Edge ST8 MP10
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‎06-23-2016 04:12 AM

Re: Printing drawings

Install multiple instance of the same printer  and set them up for A4 and A3 etc.   see screenshotPrinter.jpg

Re: Printing drawings

Also, I believe once you select the correct paper size on the printer and save the drawing, the file will "remember" the paper size setting and the next time you print it will be correct.

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