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Printing from the Binder


This post is seeking a way to print drafts of all parts within a main assembly draft from one command (without having to open each individual draft, print, and close), on both 8x11 and 11x17 paper, where perhaps not all linked drafts are the same size.

It seems all of the framework is already in place for this capacity. The "Batch" Application is pretty close (however it lacks the ability to select sheet sizes), and the "Binder" function allows the user to create a "folder" of all of the draft documents.

Ideally, you would have a revision manager style UI just for printing!! I think this is a great idea and would be a welcome addition to solid edge.

Wondering if anyone is aware of someone finding a way to do this. I have searched very thoroughly and not yet found what I am looking for.

Thank you all,


Re: Printing from the Binder

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Re: Printing from the Binder


Hi uk_dave,

The problem with the Print Drawings command is that you still have to browse for every individual draft file that you want to print (unless there is a way I do not know about). I wish there was a "Print Binder" command, with the ability to select printer properties on each individual draft in the Binder...or just a command to automatically upload all draft files for parts in the assembly into the print que.

Depending on the number of drafts/parts in your files/assemblies, this can become an arduous and time consuming task.

If you have already added all of those files (drafts) to the binder, it is a real shame to have to go back and select them again for printing.

Thanks! -Chris

Re: Printing from the Binder


I realize it is not as clean a solution as you are looking for, but I typically open the assembly in rev. mgr. and do a where used to locate all the drafts conncted to the assembly and all parts within the asembly. I then copy the drafts only to my Batch Print folder where I run batch print macro to print them. Once printed I delete them from the batch print folder.


Once again, not as clean as your requested solution, but it does not require opening every drawing and it is pretty efficient.

Bob Henry
REH Technical Consulting
Canonsburg, PA 15317

Re: Printing from the Binder


Hello Bob,

I appreciate you sharing your solution. I will certainly employ that method.

-Chris Stanfill
ME, Southern Hydraulic Cylinder