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I have imported a dwg file from auto-cad and it has three or four different paper
space views of various drawings. The problem I am having is when I try to print
the different paper space views, there is a small rectangle that shows up and what
ever I put in the rectangle is what is printed. I can re-scale my drawing to fit
the small rectangle and when doing so I can print the whole drawing. This process
seems tedious and there must be a way to automatically have that "printing rectangle"
fit the desired image. Hopefully I am just missing something. Thanks so much.

Re: Printing

I will assume that the geometry you are seeing is in the 2D Model tab, not a
working sheet such as Sheet1. I will also assume that 'paper space views' is
simply different collections of geometry on 2D Model that each represent a
So with that said, you have many collections of geometries that make up
different areas that you want to print. All of this geometry is in 2D Model.
All you can do in this case is to window area around what you want to print
and use print area to select the geometry to print.
I have a basic question. How was the geometry arranged in the original
AutoCAD file? Was the geometry all in Model Space in the AutoCAD file?
Rick B.