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Pristine previews of 3D models


Is it possible to get (batch) pristine previews of parts, psm, asm..

I have run the open/save macro to get all the parts, psm's and assys upto the new compagny standard, a vertical gradient background with light blue and white..

It would be nice to have extra functionality in this macro, before the final save;

- Switch to the default 3D model style 

- Hide all sketches

- Hide Base coordinate system

- Hide All planes

- Change orientation to Iso

- Zoom / Fit

Than save.. creating a pristine preview so that the 3D models are easily recognised in windows explorer.. etc.


Is there someone who has modified this open/save macro with this functionality... and is willing to share...


Many thanks,



Jan Bos 



Re: Pristine previews of 3D models



 I'm not aware of any, but SE really should try and make this automatic. Having to manually save a "centered" image in a quality setting is a pain.


And while they're at it they need to make Revision Manager show higher resolution images in Preview" as well and LOCK the **bleep** proportions ratio so when stretching it you don't distort it.