Problem to import files .ifc

Hy everyone,

I am trying to import a .ifc file, but when it appears in the graphics it looks like some manufactures, such holes and cuts, are lost.
I did several tests with the import settings but without results, i tried with ST8 that ST9.
Have ypu any advice to improve the import?




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I would recommend to check the IFC with an IFC Viewer to see what is in the IFC file. Because some application can control the LOD (Level of detail) in the export process.



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Can you recommend one of these viewer???


Thanks for your help



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You can try this:

Re: Problem to import files .ifc

I tried with bimsight, the file is correctly displayed ;

I'm thinking it's a problem of Solid Edge converter

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Can you supply the IFC file?


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: Problem to import files .ifc


thanks for your help.


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I am able to verify what you see with both ST8 MP 10 and ST9

The features are missing and only the main structral beam is seen.


Viewing the file in an online viewer suggests that the IFC file is read in properly by Solid Edge but some perspective and clipping plane setting is affecting the feature display. See this clip:



Further the header information shows:

Tekla Structures 21.0, IFC Export Version:  

So you may want to verify from Siemens if the ST8 or ST9 IFC importer supports reading this version.

No setting in the IFC Options dialog seems to be of help.


~Tushar Suradkar

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Re: Problem to import files .ifc

If you check the log then you will see that there are 2 Solids available but only one is there


You will see this only when you import the IFC as an assembly


IFC nach Solid Edge übersetzen
Datum: Mittwoch,September 14,2016 01:42
Quelldatei: X:\SMI\TEMP\test.ifc
Autor: SP\as158
Organisation: Structural Designer
Ausgangssystem: Tekla Structures 21.0 Service Release 5, IFC Export Version: Dec 14 2015

Prozessor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2720QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
Betriebssystem: Windows 8 Professional
Installierter Speicher: 15.95 GB

Parasolid-Version: 29.0.122
PSBodyShop-Version: 29.0.68
IFC-Adapterversion: 2.0.152
Solid Edge-Version: x64

Präzise Geometrie einbeziehen: Ein
Vernähen aktivieren: Ein
Boolesche Volumenkörper: Ein
Basisformelement erstellen: Ein
Geometrie vereinfachen: Ein

Übersetzen in Parasolid-Datentypen...
+Baugruppe 1 beginnen
+SE Assembly-Datei X:\SMI\TEMP\test.asm wurde erstellt
|--+Baugruppe 2 beginnen
|--+SE Assembly-Datei X:\SMI\TEMP\Argo Tractors Trassmissioni.asm wurde erstellt
| |--+Baugruppe 3 beginnen
| |--+SE Assembly-Datei X:\SMI\TEMP\Undefined.asm wurde erstellt
| | |--+Baugruppe 4 beginnen
| | |--+SE Assembly-Datei X:\SMI\TEMP\Undefined_0.asm wurde erstellt
| | | |--+Baugruppe 5 beginnen
| | | |--+SE Assembly-Datei X:\SMI\TEMP\Undefined_1.asm wurde erstellt
| | | | |--+SE Part-Datei X:\SMI\TEMP\baraccatura.par wurde erstellt
| | | |--+Gesamtzahl der Teile: 2
| | | |--+Baugruppen: 0
| | | |--+Volumenkörper: 2     <- 2 Solids
| | | |--+Flächenkörper: 0


Also in the IFC-file there is are some boolean and extrusion operations:

#47= IFCEXTRUDEDAREASOLID(#42,#46,#9,3510.);
#48= IFCCARTESIANPOINT((3350.,-50.,-50.));
#49= IFCAXIS2PLACEMENT3D(#48,#7,#9);
#50= IFCPLANE(#49);
#53= IFCCARTESIANPOINT((65.,50.,-50.));
#54= IFCAXIS2PLACEMENT3D(#53,#44,#9);
#55= IFCPLANE(#54);


Looks to me that this is not supported by th IFC interface from Solid Edge.


For importing steel works SDNF can be an option. SDNF2Step is the keyword