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Problem with Solid edge license

There is a problem in Solid edge ST6 , it was a network license & frequently getting problem with license. The license was configured in server with license manager tool and it showing as "license file not found" in client machines some times. and it was resolved after manual configuration of LM tools, can any one please help me to understand what will be the reason for this problem

Accepted by topic author Maheshwaran
‎11-17-2015 03:43 AM

Re: Problem with Solid edge license

Not sure if this is your issue, but if you are running over a slow network (WAN, VPN), the timeout on the clients for gettng a license is too short and will often give up and post a message stating the license can't be found.  to fix, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Control Panel, System (or right click on Computer and select "Properties").
  2. Click "Advanced system settings" (may need admin to do this)
  3. Select the "Advanced" tab
  4. Select "Environment Variables"
  5. In the "System variables" section, select the New... button
  6. The variable name will be "FLEXLM_TIMEOUT" and the value will be "3000000".

This will provide Solid Edge with 3 seconds to contact the license server and get a response.  If this does not resolve your issue, then it is probably something else.

Ken Grundey
Production: ST9 MP6
Testing: ST10

Re: Problem with Solid edge license

Thank you Mr.Ken Grundey