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Problem with Sweep



I have followed this tutorial:


When I get to the 19. min, a sweep, I get errors (see attached *.png). It seems there is sth wrong with the sketch circle prior to the bend?

Part file attached


- Could anyone tell me what's wrong?


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I think the difference between you and the procedure of CAAP is that they checked in FACE CONTINUITY "CURVATURE CONTINUOUS".


Re: Problem with Sweep


Re: Problem with Sweep

Re: Problem with Sweep



Thanks for replying. I didn't add that i tried a couple of different combinations, including of course the 'tangent' according to the tutorial but I still get the same error.


Whan i apply the sweep it says that the sketch has intersecting contours. So I lowered the diameter of the sketch from 24 to 10 mm.

Attached the result. Sth's wrong!!

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I tried it and it works fine.

I don't know if you speak Nederlands...

[De doorsneed wordt uit verschilende elemente opgebouwdt en sketches hebben groune line/elemente "minute 21"]

the sketches are build from more than one line to be able to pick them during the sweep proecedure.


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No, that's the other thing. I'm Danish. I understand it superficially..


So what did you do to succeed with the sweep? I also tried the multiple sketch sweep but it didn't work neither. It seems like the sketch on the bend (sketch 16) causes the problem because I can sweep between the first four sketches but not #16

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Re: Problem with Sweep

The sketches are build from more than on line.

Try to get the same view like in the video to be able to pick up the right segment of the line and I hope you will.

I think you achieve it...

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the problem is not with sketch #16 but with the very first one #1.


The bottom line on this was parallel with the plane baseline but not attached to it.  You can go back to this sketch and delete some of the relationships and then try to get it so that the small line (0.2) is horizontal with the plane base line. 


Once you've done that you may need to reattach the next sketch 2.  I tried this and it worked okay as below:





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