Problem with assembly after installing ST8

Hi everyone,


I am working with Solid Edge at work and I am having a problem when I make an assembly with subassemblies after upgrading to ST8


When copying a subassembly (because I need 2 of them in the compleat assembly) the parts get copied, but change the subassembly.

So when I open the original subassembly, the parts are doubled in there.


Are there any functions I need to adjust and if so, where?

Can somebody help?






Re: Problem with assembly after installing ST8

Hi there,


I don't get that problem....I can drag in another instance of a sub-assembly as many times as I want, with no issue. [4 subs in the below image....]


Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Limited
Solid Edge ST9 [MP5] Classic [x2 seats]
Windows 10