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Problem with construction body and design body?

Hi All


We have a problem at work with one of the guys who designs for us.


Sometime he will have a part created with a constuction body switch to design body by itself.


Is this maybe a setting on hes computer or what could be the problem?


After the change we would go into the properties for the part copy and it would still show that we are using a construction body which isnt correct.


Please if you have any advise it would be appriciated.





Re: Problem with construction body and design body?


I often find that things that happen by themselves are often 'driver issues' - as in the guy driving the computer!


From memory, when you import external files with multiple bodies, or if you have a part with multiple bodies and you delete all the design bodies, SE will ask about making a base feature and if you click ok, it will designate the first construction body to be a design body.  So the user may be doing it but not understanding what their doing.