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Problem with license server




I installed the software solid edge and enter an academic key, but after the Installation there appear an error.


What can I do to solve the Problem?


Thank you.


Re: Problem with license server

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Solution Partner Genius

The error you're reading is of a floating license. How did you activate your license:


After installing the product, make sure you have the 12-character license key that is
printed inside the DVD cover, and then follow the steps below to enter the license key.
1. From the Start menu, choose Programs®Solid Edge ST6®Licensing, and then
click License Utility.
2. In the License Utility dialog box, click I have an Academic Code.
3. In the License key field, enter the license key number printed inside the cover of
the DVD and click OK.
The appropriate license file is generated for you.
4. In the License Utility dialog box, click OK to complete licensing.

Re: Problem with license server


Hi Kaak,

I am also having issues with my Accademic (12 character) license key.

Firstly in the Windows 8.1 app page if I click on the 'Solid Edge Lisence Utility' it just returns to the Windows desktop page and nothing happens. If I click the Solid Edge ST6 file (on the desktop), then I get the error message shown in the atachemnet. When I select 'OK', it then takes me to the License Utitlity. I select 'I have and Accademic code' and enter the key that was emailed to me. The dialogue box closes (with no further, apparent errors) then whe I try to open the Solid Edge ST6 file I am taken back to the same error message shown in my attachment.