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Problem with license

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I have the Solid Edge Free 2D Drafting Software for students. I installed it, and try to run but it doesn't work. I've unpacked the license to the folder, but when i try to run the program shows me that information: "Solid Edge 2D Drafting could not find a valid license" I've downloaded it twice and I don't know what to do.

Re: Problem with license

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Do you have or have you had Solid Works or Inventor loaded on the machine.
See if you have a LM_LICENSE_FILE system environment variable defined. This
takes precedence over all other vendor variables.
Many products that utilize FLEXnet to manage their licensing often create
this generic variable, even if the customer does not use it. Then when any
other product installed on the same machine that also uses FLEX will follow
where the variable points for the license file. This will cause a failure to
launch/validate the license file.
If you do have the generic variable defined, you can remove it if you are
not utilizing a common path for the licenses for the application that
created the variable. If you are utilizing the variable I believe they can
modify/rename it to the other applications vendor specific variable.
If you do not know how to check the environment variables, go to the
following link. It will give you directions.
Rick B.