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Problem with variables tied to Physical Properties on ST9


Hello there,this is quite weird.


last weeks we have been using variables in order to calculate eccentricity values for an assembly. For that, we deal with the variables which are generated for mass (Mass) and COG position (CoMx, CoMy, CoMz) in any asembly and part files. (Mostly in assemblies)


I renamed those variables for better readability (spanish: Peso, CDGx, CDGy, etc) and used them in order to generate new interesting values. For example:


CDGxz = (CDGx^2 + CDGz^2) ^ 0.5

Fuerza_Excentrica =  (6000 * 2* PI() / 60 ) ^2 * CDGxz / 1000 * Peso


With that, values were correctly updated whenever physical properties changed due to modifications in the design. Great! I just had to update physical properties in the assembly and get the new values.


However, after a number of refreshes and design modifications, the whole stuff stopped working. Inspecting a bit, I saw that new Mass, CoMx, CoMy... properties had been generated, with their new updated values, while old renamed ones (Peso, CDGx...) had been maintained with its old freezed values. That's why the formulas were not updating properly, since they remained linked to the old freezed variables.


The funny part is that the old variables can't be edited nor deleted. All except the name is grayed. So, it seems that in some point, SE has generated new phisical variables for the renamed ones, but keeping the old freezed with their original value and without any chance of deleting them, just renaming. My questions are:


-Is there any problem with renaming in variables linked to physical properties?

-Why does SE generate new ones when they have been renamed and why does this happens just from time to time?

-Why are the old-freezed variables keep alive without any chance of deleting or edit its value? Any clue about how to get rid of them?


The ugly part here is that I can't replicate this easily. It's the second time this happens, but I don't know in which moment does SE decide to generate the new variables and destroy all my dreams. I have only noticed this in assemblies, although I must say that this approach is not used in parts.


Thanks for reading, any help will be appreciated.