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Problems to center Slot



I'm fairly new to Solid Edge but enjoying it a lot so far Smiley Happy

I have a problem with centering a Slot in Sheet Metal, it does not move when I change the width of the Flange - it just stick to the same place.


Is it not possible to attach relations, like you can do in Solidworks?


I uploaded a small video of my problem:







Re: Problems to center Slot


Re: Problems to center Slot

Hi Kenneth,


You can do this either:

1. By adding another dimension (distance between) the edge of the flange and the center line of the slot and adding a relation in the variable table. Or

2. By adding a Horizontal/Vertical face relation in Sync between the slot center and the midpoint of the flange:



~Tushar Suradkar


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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Problems to center Slot

you need to create a 3d relationship there with face relate.


see video here:

Re: Problems to center Slot

That worked, thanks a lot Smiley Happy