Problems w View and Markup + SE Viewer ST7


Anyone else having problems translating SE files into pcf or jt ?


I can't visualize parts and/or assemblies during the View and Markup transition.


(My procedure: SE ST7 - Open File >> Tools - Environment/View and Markup (all options activated) ...


Inside View and Markup window I see the Package List Tree, and the 4 lower panels (Assembly, Markup Groups, PMI, Paths) , but in the main window, nothing show up.  I only see the Base Coordination and PMI - previously taken during SE session - when I choose that in the panels.




If I try to open old pcf files, works correctly.


My system: W7 x64, Core i5, Quadro K2200 with driver 347.88

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Re: Problems w View and Markup + SE Viewer ST7

I have the same issue with ST7 MP6. I think it is a bug and should be reported.

Workaround: open the file directly in View&Markup itself or from the right click menu in Windows Explorer.

Re: Problems w View and Markup + SE Viewer ST7

This problem is not readily reproduced. Can you please call it in to your reseller to request they investigate or log an IR with GTAC.

Re: Problems w View and Markup + SE Viewer ST7

My reseller couldn't reproduce the problem either. I could fix my PC however by deleting this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Siemens. It will be recreated next time you start View and Markup.


WARNING: Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Make a backup of your registry first.