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Problems with smart dimension

I couldn't get the license to work for version 5 so I had to upgrade to 6 and now I'm having a problem. I'm not a cad guy so all I know is from watching some tutorials but the few times a year I use this it's usually just drawing simple figures and adding dimensions to them. The easiest way I found was to draw something like a rectangle and not worry about dimensions. Then I would highlight the maintain relationships box, click on smart dimension and go around and put all the dimensions on and it would resize the drawing and put the correct dimensions in. Now with this version I can't get that to work, the box come up allowing me to input the correct dimension but then it doesn't do anything. Has something changed that I'm unaware of? These drawings don't even need to be to scale, I just need to be able to input the real dimensions.


Re: Problems with smart dimension

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
If you want everything associative (lines of the rectangle to stick together), then you need to enable Maintain Relationships before drawing the geometry. This is what adds connect constraints to the ends of the lines. If you place the dimensions before you enable Maintain Relstionships, the dimensions will be driven dimensions (blue/green color instead of black). You can click on one of the dimensions to bring up the Dimension Modify command bar. Then click on the button that looks like a Lock. This will toggle it to driving and the color should change to black. Now you can modify the dimension value and drive the geometry.

Rick B.