Process Flow Diagram, metric/english conversion


At my company we do what are called process flow diagrams where we show a simplified version of our system with mass flows & temperatures etc, and currently these are done in autocad. I've been tasked with finding out if Solid Edge is capable of doing this where the mass flows and temperatures can be show in both english and metric units and them be linked? See the image for a snip of what we're doing. Black is metric units and green is english.


Re: Process Flow Diagram, metric/english conversion

I would look at Microsoft Visio for anything to do with flow charts. There are many add-ons that allows editing in many different ways including statistical analysis.


To do anything like this is SE, your talking about manually setting up conversions within the variable tables and displaying "manual" information about the model you create.

Re: Process Flow Diagram, metric/english conversion

We use Solid Edge for our Process Flow Diagrams. We use connectors between components rather than normal lines and find it much better than AutoCAD. Look at the tutorial for how to draw an electrical schematic if you need to see how to use connectors. We also use a variety of balloons and callouts with the leaders hidden for tagging each component.



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