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Program does not display Japanese(Unicode) characters


I have just started using this program and have got to do most things ok with it.
But I tried upload a drawing from our Japanese parent and could not display the
text. Instead of displaying letters it was boxes. It was true fro both Japanese
and latin characters. Could someone help me with how to display these characters?
Dave P.

Re: Program does not display Japanese(Unicode) characters

This is not just a Solid Edge problem. You most likely would see the same
problem with a .doc file that you get from them. You need to set up your
machine (operating system) to understand the East Asian Languages. Do you
have someone, IT person, that maintains your machines or do you do this
yourself. If there is an IT person, they may know how to set this up. If you
do this, I can send a document to you that describes what to do. It requires
your operating system instalation media (CDs).
What operating system are you running?
Please let me know if you need the directions sent to you.
Rick B.