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Program will not start - any ideas?


Hi All,
I have downloaded the install and followed the instructions in the email and have
not been able to start the program. When I try to start the program i get the splash
screen and then what looks like the window for the program opens with nothing in
it then it closes and leaves me with my desktop.
As is my habit I made a copy of the downloaded file and renamed the original with
a 1 on the end and then installed from the copy file - do you think this might have
something to do with the problem?
I have re run the install and selected repair as well as reinstalled it.
Any ideas?

Re: Program will not start - any ideas?

How long ago did you download the software. An update was posted around
September 27 that may fix what you are seeing. A fix was made where the
software would not run on certain machines. To check to see if you have the
fix, right mouse click on the downloaded executable (SE2DDraft.exe). Click
on Properties at the bottom of the shortcut menu. The date under the
TimeStamp column should be September 26. You can drag the vertival bar
between the column names to make the column wider to see the date.
Another thing to test. You may have a lower end graphics card. Go to your
graphics card settings and turn harware acceleration down to None. If this
works, you can slowly bump it back up to find a good setting.
Rick B.