Programming in Windows 2008 r2 RPC problems


Some months ago I developed an application on vb.NET that opens SE proyects and prints them automatically. It works perfectly on Windows XP machine. But since I moved the application to Windows Server 2008 r2, I'm getting "RPC server is unavailable" error sometimes, usually on document closing or on sheet activation. I have Exceptions to catch this error and also OleMessageFilter class, but it's not working. Before the exception is caught, appears the "Solid Edge has encountered an error and needs to close" window.


The application restarts SE when 200 documents have been opened, and calls Garbage Collector every time a document is closed.





Re: Programming in Windows 2008 r2 RPC problems

Server OS's are not supported for Solid Edge.

Ken Grundey
Production: ST9 MP6
Testing: ST10