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Protecting text/elements in new background sheet

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Hi, I'm a very new user to Solid Edge 2D drafting but somewhat experienced
in using AutoCAD and Inventor. I'm finding my way around SE 2D and it
is very impressive. Having used Inventor makes it a little easier to
I created a new background sheet (A4 size) and added my own details for the
title block by drawing appropriate lines and entering field descriptions in
the resulting areas.
A couple questions: how can I 'protect' the text and lines of my new
title block so they are not overwritten, moved or deleted accidently?
And secondly, does SE 2D have a function like what I can do in AutoCAD by
double-clicking on the title block while in paperspace, then add my details
like drawing scale, title, sheet number, file name, etc? I'm sure the info
is in there in the help system but I don't know what to search for yet.
Thanks, Rick

Re: Protecting text/elements in new background sheet

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There is no lock on a background sheet that keeps someone from manipulating
the geometry. However, when a background sheet is applied to a working
sheet, the geometry of the background cannot be changed in the context of
the working sheet. You have to deliberately go back to the background sheet
to make the changes and typical users know not to do this. These changes
will apply to all working sheets that use that background. So, there is no
specific lock for the background sheet itself. But, it cannot be changed
where used. You can also customize your background sheets and save your
customized file to use as a template for new files.
Much of what you need can be automated. If you look at the default title
block information on a background sheet, you will see that there is some
default text already in the title block. Double click on the "File Name"
text string. you will notice that this is not a text box, but is a callout.
Callouts have intelligence where they can extract file properties and
display as the proper text. You will see "%{File Name}" as part of the
string. This will automatically extract the file name and display it in the
callout string. This type of string is called Property text. With the
Callout Properties dialog open, click on the Property text button in the
bottom left hand corner. This will open the Select Property text dialog
where you can see the properties you can extract from the file. Read more
about Callout and Property text in Help.
If you want to always put the information in for each sheet, you can create
a Block for the title block. Blocks can have Block Lables that display the
text based on block properties. When the block is placed, it will display a
dialog box to input the values to display in the block lables. This block
will not be placed in the background sheet, but on the working sheet. Read
about blocks and block lables in Help.
You can also use a combination of the automated property text in the
background sheet and block lables for the customised inputs. The choice is
Rick B.