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I see SE has monthly rates. Is there a minimum of months to purchase?


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No. You can sign up for month to month, and one month is ok.

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I live in New Zealand, and our second seat of Solid Edge is done via a monthly subrcription.....the service is very easy [obviously, thoroughly read through all of the information that is sent] to set up, and renewal emails are sent every month, so you know ahead of time, before it runs out.

I have ours set to "auto renew" via credit card the system emails me that it's about to happen, then that it has happened.

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Sean, that really is the way to go. All software should be like this. Thanks.

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Love it. Tx.

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Can you purchase add on's like piping for one month at a time?

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good question

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I would assume you just upgrade to the Premium license if you need the add-ons, then downgrade once you are finished with them.


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I was thinking that myself. But comparing buying a license and paying for maintainence - this is gold. I don't think SolidWorks offers this. You can't even get a trial version. It says it on their site - but its BS - cause I tried. I believe Pro/E offers it? Have to check.

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Solid Works doesnt even offer a free student edition!  That is rediculous!

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