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Hi everyone,

I am experiencing difficulties with frames and expecially with extensions.

I have joints of profile where I need the profile to go further away from the adjacent profile, in order to have place to do a welding on the outer face or so that on the buidling phase they have margin for tolerances. I used the frame functions from Solidworks and found them really powerful and this issue is elegantly solved.

Is there any way to get this done with the current SE frame functions?

Thanks in  advance.


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In Drafting Parts List you can set a clearance value.

In Assembly, Features Tab>Assembly Features>Cut may be a solution.


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Hello Jason,


Thank you for the quick response. I am not sure to understand. I attach the file to this post so that you can see what I am expecting to do and then I will add some welding.

i do not know if it is necessary to send the profiles also or if they are embedded in the assy file.



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Only the assembly sketches came through.



When opened, the assembly is looking for HEB-140.par & HEB-180.par. See below:


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How exactly is it solved in Solid Works? In the sketch?


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Hi again,


I hereby join the HEB-140.par and HEB-180.par files so that the file conssistency can be maintained.

In regards to the way Solidworks does the job, having a chat with some ex-colleagues still working with this software, they have told me that there is an addicional function to trim and extend the beam member in a second step.

In SE and with my imited knowledge of the software I have not found it.

I have put the info together in ppt file to make it clearer and I hope it clarifies a bit what I mean.


Thanks for your help again.

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Great description.

Don't think SE has that exact method.

I was able to get good results by breeaking up the frame and editing the end conditions.

Used this for the top member Frame_16

Used this end condition on each of the 14 members at the bottom.


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Hi Jason,


I just did what you propose and yes this is a way to get around with it.

Anyway I still feel the solution is a bit awkward as all the sketch I drew was supposed to be centerline of the profile and for Frame 16 I had to move relocate the profile so that the sketch sticks to the bottom surface of the beam member. It is not that I am criticising your helful proposal, it is just that I'd like the Solid Edge frame tool to deliver more.

I mean that if the 3D sketch was the design intent, it won't be true and I will need to measure the result afterward to fit it back to the dimensions I need.

For the structure I am working with and that I created before so easily in SW, I am struggling to get it thru with SE. I think SIEMENS should take a look into what SW does for frames and consider them a best in class benchmark as it is fast,clear and unambiguous ... and believe that who says this is a SE believer and convinced that synchronous technology is the way.


On the picture I attached, I did what you stated and then I had to do a similar structure but with an overhang. I stated that the beam is 10mm offset from the adjacent beam (80mm with the function) but then I have an offset of 80mm also on the other extremity where the current beam does not match to any other.


I must be confused with the SE frame tool ...????


Thanks again Jason.