Question: Add a material to mattable?

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Hi all!


      When I program to add material to library,the following question encontered:

      My programe is as follows:

      string[] aa = new string[2];

      aa[0] = "abc";

      aa[1] = "def";

      objmat.AddMaterialToLibrary("mat_A", strLibrary, strMatPath, aa.Length , aa, cus_FaceStyle, cus_FillStyle);

      object a1 = aa[0] as object;

      objmat.SetMaterialPropValueToLibrary("mat_A", strLibrary, SolidEdgeFramework.MatTablePropIndex.seDensity, a1);


     Program excuted succeed. But "mat_A" has not properties except “Density”。Object  “aa”  assignment is not successful。  Robot Sad

     When I replace "mat_A" with a input value, for example: textBox1.Text.Trim(), The "SetMaterialPropValueToLibrary" has a exception: "Unspecified error (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004005(E_FAIL)) "   Robot Mad


     Does anybody know what  is  wrong ?  THKs.


     solid edge ST7 MP10

     C#  2013





Re: Question: Add a material to mattable?



you could post your question in the Solid-Edge-Developer-Community