Question about Variable to Text.

Hello I am Andrew from Ferris State University and I have been wondering if there is a way to take a variable such as V350 (.500in) and then within an engraved text have it say 1/2.

Then the vlaue of the text to change with the variable. Example if I changed V350 from .500 to .750 then the engraving would change from 1/2 to 3/4. For use in family of parts for a wrench set.


Re: Question about Variable to Text.

 I do not believe we have the ability to do either of these thing.


1.)  no way that i am away of to use a variable as the input for a sketch text profile




2.)  no way to convert a numerical variable to a text string.


you can probably get close in 2D draft... maybe...


im thinking you can read in the variable via property text, and you can format your units to fractions... just not sure if the whole process will get you what you need.


Simple answer...  No, not that i am aware of

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That's right. Once a text profile, the text is gone - its just a profile that looks like text. A string of connected lines and arcs which should not be mistaken for modifiable text - whether manually or from property text or variable table. The feature has been made like that and intended to be used as one-way workflow. Should not stop you from raising an ER though & I believe there should already be one big ER out there for this and since long.

Re: Question about Variable to Text.

Unfortuanately all that I can suggest is a workaround, and to be honest I have not tried it.


I believe you can now specify a supression variable within a "family", so you would have to create the extrusion or cut for your lettering, then suppress or unsupress the feature that is used. Not particularly efficient, but I guess it should work.

Shane Murray

Re: Question about Variable to Text.

I have always wanted this to be able to automatically generate part numbers in laser cut sheet metal parts from property text.
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Re: Question about Variable to Text.

YEP. I too would love this for laser purposes. SE could do with a few less hoops to jump through for text profiles going to a laser.

-Dylan Gondyke