Questions about New ST9 Data Management

I am excited about the new data management features, and I'm switching to using part numbers through the new system.  I'm on ST9 in Windows 10.  A few questions:


1.  Is there documentation of how to properly set up and use the new features?  I have seen Matt's blog post, but little else.


2.  I am using the Part Number Generator from the Custom/ folder.  This is very useful, but awkward as a separate app.  Can this please be incorporated into the save dialog, along with the increment revision button?


3.  I have everything indexed, but the system still tells me "Warning, the uniqueness of this document number cannot be confirmed" every time I save a file.  What am I doing wrong?  Having the system track unique numbers is an important role.


4.  I customized my Windows File Explorer templates to show the "Title" field, but this field doesn't reliably update with new data.  There is a variable length of time, sometimes hours or days, before it finally pops up.  Reindexing doesn't even always populate it.  Can this be fixed somehow?




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Re: Questions about New ST9 Data Management

Hey Ryan!


I will be glad to answer. If there are additional questions let me know.


1) We have a few documents that recommend how to setup using unique document numbers, these will be available on salescenter. Ideally, when a new user is setting up this method he/she will want to:

     a) Use Document Number and Revision ID

     b) Enforce Unique document numbers

     c) Automatically revise drawings that use the selected 3D document

     d) Users will also want to index frequently used locations

     e) Ensure that custom properties are Set under the "fast property search" menu in the options dialog


2) We are looking into this; if you pin to your taskbar you get quick access to this function and it will always be maximized.


3) Make sure that "Enforce Unique Document Numbers" is checked under "file management" in options


4) If a file is open in Solid Edge, the properties will not populate in windows explorer. This is a windows issue; but if the file is closed all properties should be shown. 


Let me know if this helps. Feel free to contact me.



Re: Questions about New ST9 Data Management

Thanks Brent!  Thanks also to Jason at LMGi who reached out to me with setup info.


The unique document numbers issue was fixed by adding a few settings from Jason's instructions.  Perhaps it was setting up custom properties in the Fast Search dialog that did it.


Great to hear that the number generator might appear in the Save dialog, that would be convenient.



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Re: Questions about New ST9 Data Management

good deal! If any other issues arise, please let us know.