I have some junky downloaded file of parts I need. I would like to re-model them using handle point from the existing model to get started. I don't want to the use the "simplfy feature" because when done, I want the new files to have nothing to do with the old ones.


My problem is: How do I snap to an existing part (instead of measuring and typing in) when modeling a new part. Note that I don't care if it in ordered or sync mode.


I typically overcome this with the include command in ordered from my own files. But in this case I'm trying to remodel a file that was imported from an STL and it does not have solids, just surfaces.


The question in general, is how do you snap to things you can see but are associated with another part. I know the part is "active" but that apparatly is not enough. Also, I would prefer to be sketching within a part vs. the assembly file.



I did find another post about the subject but how to "snap" to something you see is still never presented.


"Sketching parts coincident with other parts in assembly" was the other thread.


I don't want include to be the ONLY way to use a piece of geometry that's right there on the screen.


very frustrating. 70,000 hours of AutoCAD use makes one depenent upon the SNAP to point command like E=end, M=middle. I figured thoes hot keys would work when sketching and other parts are visable on the screen.


12GAGE wrote:I don't want include to be the ONLY way to use a piece of geometry that's right there on the screen.

Hi there,


Therein lies the problem.....a "faceted" model is NOT considered "geometry", by SE standards, or work flows! This has been a long yearned for progression.

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I've never used them but there are some converters for Solid Edge on the Sycode web site.

The STL importer is here

The page states :


"STL Import for Solid Edge reads polygon mesh data stored in STL files and imports it into Solid Edge. A polygon mesh in a STL file is comprised of a set of triangular faces. STL Import for Solid Edge creates trimmed planar surfaces for each triangle/quad and knits them together to create a body. If the polygon mesh is closed (i.e. it does not contain boundary edges) then STL Import for Solid Edge will create a closed body feature, otherwise an open surface will be created."


Might be worth a try.

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Let me take this out of context of an STL file.


Is there any way to transfer a location from one part to another without using include? My main question is: Is include the ONLY way to move information from one part to another? I will also say an interpart copy is NOT what I'm looking for. I just want to be able to pick a point from another part.


While I'm not quite clear what you are trying to do, if in a peer part in place edited or created in place from an assembly, you should be able to reference other part geometry for sketch locate by turning on the "Peers" option in the Locate section of the Tools tab.  Be aware you must be "locked" on a plane if creating a Synch sketch.

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Also, you can insert the converted part as a Part Copy into your new part to help you create geometry... Just have to have the Components Locate option turned on, but that is typically on by default.

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