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ROLL CALL - Who are "YOU"?

Fellow Edge-Heads


It's been a long time since we've had a "roll call".

It appears to me that there are a number of "new" and very active users.

I like the camaraderie this community has always created and as such would like to get to know everyone a little bit better.


This also goes to help should someone have a subject matter question such as a special Sheet Metal Bending question or Sheet Metal Coining question, Plastic Injection, Vacuum Forming, 3D-Printing, Electo-Mechanical, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, etc... any industry expertize. 


Also what is your role as it relates to Engineering Software.  Are you the decision maker, Installer, Trouble shooter, or only a user of: CAD, PDM, PLM, FEA, CFD, Rendering, Etc...   


Sound off with as much info you want to share.



Re: ROLL CALL - Who are "YOU"?

Matt Johnson   (Married w/ 3 kids; No time for hobbies, seriously)

Cincinnati, OH 45249

Design Engineer at PAC Worldwide

Design machinery to produce bubble cushin film and converting machines to producs padded mailers.

*Worked 8 years in New Product Development for Hill-Rom, Senior Designer

*Worked for a year for a Solid Edge Reseller (Application Engineer) pre sales demos, classroom training and technical support.


*Began using Solid Edge on V9 in 2000

*Have used TeamCenter for PDM (Not PLM)

*Currently use Insight PDM

*Have used Agile PLM


*Experiance in injection molded parts, Sheet Metal, Hydraulics / Pnuematics


*Jack of all trades master of none!!!


*Elementary understanding of Solid Edge API and Visual Basic .NET and can write simple macros.


*Passionate about Solid Edge, it's Development, Customer Support, and Field Support Teams, and this User Community


Re: ROLL CALL - Who are "YOU"?

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Sean Cresswell [45yo in Aug] [married 22yrs - with 4 nearly all adult children - 1 grandchild]

Design Manager at Streetscape Ltd [& sister companies The Stainless Factory & Crystech NZ]

Tauranga, New Zealand


Designing "mostly" sheet metal models, for street furniture - infrstructure - lighting, food processing equipment, production manufacturing [electrical enclosures to horse trailer frames], modular honey processing plant & equipment.


Began using Solid Edge with version 7, in my previous engineering roll for 16 years, in an automotive injection molding company in Palmerston North [NZ]. Introduced SE to Streetscape as the CAD tool to have [plus knowing what I was about in using SE also got me the job], when I moved here over ten years ago.


Earlier experience in other software, both CAD & CAM, due to client demands of those days. Manual & CNC [mill & turn] machining. Trade certified as a fitter welder, I had a diverse role, designing, then making things, from heavy fabrications, to intricate tool making for production injection molding....oh and all while building racecars & hot rods from home.


Plastic Injection molded part & tool design, processing plant & packaging design.

Now, it's 80% of all models are sheet metal [we target design for laser cutting & CNC pressbraking] creations [including larger structures], aluminium extrusion design, sand casting design, machine design including hydraulic/pneumatic/electrical aspects.


First visit to Canada & USA in October, for SEU, is coming fast. Hope to see many of you there!

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Ltd
Solid Edge 2019 [MP8] Classic [x3 Seats - Cloud Enabled]
Windows 10 - Quadro P2000

Re: ROLL CALL - Who are "YOU"?

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

@MattJohnsonPAC wrote:

*Jack of all trades master of none!!!


Oh no sir....I beg to differ!

Your mastery of many things is quite obvious.

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Ltd
Solid Edge 2019 [MP8] Classic [x3 Seats - Cloud Enabled]
Windows 10 - Quadro P2000

Re: ROLL CALL - Who are "YOU"?

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

Mark Fort - born 1945 - most likely one of older members here.

Currently living in Brisbane - Australia.

One son living in San Francisco.

* Started my career in broadcasting - was one of the founders of private broadcasting in New Zealand.

* Worked in telemetry for NASA during the great days of manned space flight (Apollo and Skylab).

* Spent several years in R&D for automating newspaper production.

* "Discovered" 3D CAD in 1978 where I have been almost ever since. Was instrumental in selling, installing and mentoring the first large 3D CAD system in Australia in 1980.

* Introduced CADKEY to Australia in 1984.

* Set up my own company to sell "Cost effective engineering solutions" in 1996 - "Found" Solid Edge.

* Currently involved in Solid Edge part time and full time I am involved in building a boat.







Re: ROLL CALL - Who are "YOU"?

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

Tushar Suradkar, will turn 41 next Monday. Happily married for 14 yrs, 2 kids.

Originally from sunny Aurangabad, living in nearby Pune, India for 10 yrs.

Mechanical Engineer, B.E. Mech, 1992-96 batch. Started career in a CNC tool room and picked up CNC programming. Began using Pro/E in 1999 and AutoCAD 4 yrs before that.

Big way into programming with fair knowledge of C++ with MFC, VB.Net and CSharp and also tons of VisualLISP.

Expertise in design automation programming - parametric parts, product configurators, automatic drawing generation, etc. - for Inventor and then SolidWorks using .Net

Have used Solid Edge 3.5 but did some serious modeling work only beginning V6, later V10, V12, V14, V16, V20 and then the big leap to ST4 after a long gap.

Provided Teamcenter Automotive Edition i.e. TcAE global support for GM for 5 yrs and did CATIA automation programming for Boeing for 1 year when working with EDS - Electronic Data Systems.

Quit salaried job 3 yrs ago and started CADVertex Solutions: is the glowsign; Recently joined the Siemens PLM Solutions Partner program and working hard for some serious business to kick in. Current status: Broke Man Happy

Creator of a home-grown hobby 3D CAD program SolidX.

Also maintain a Solid Edge tutorial blog SurfAndCode - lots of freebies.

Inching closer to attend SEU this year but not quite there yet.




Re: ROLL CALL - Who are "YOU"?


Dylan Gondyke, 26 years old, living in Eastern CT.

Engineer at a sheet metal fabrication shop.


Started off as an inspector at an aerospace company at 16 and moved on to a programming role with CMM's. Wrote a custom software frontend and a lot of parametric inspection programs, spent a lot of time doing airfoil inspection programming, and transitioned into an engineering role at 19.

Began using Solid Edge at ~V17. No prior CAD experience.


I suppose I now specialize in welded sheet metal assemblies. We do a lot of 'non-traditional' sheet metal and I'm always looking for new ways to abuse, trick, or generally misuse what Dan Staples and his team have given us. I dream of someday being able to design a nice square machined part, or a simple shaft, or something like one of those tutorial parts that demos so well Smiley Wink





-Dylan Gondyke

Re: ROLL CALL - Who are "YOU"?


Bob Mileti

60 years young.


I have a degree in Industrial Design and was educated in a time when the word "industrial" meant something.


My first job was with Walter Darwin Teague Associates as an in house Designer at Boeing in WA. Left shortly to pursue work in Silicon Valley and spent 2+ years working as a consultant for Dave Ellies Industrial Design. Moved back East to my home in NY and did freelance work for about a year and then was hired by a Design firm in New Canaan, CT and was FIRED for insubordination... which souldn't surprise anyone who knows me?


Anyway I then started a Kite Manufacturing business with an Englishman I met in a bar at 2:00 AM in the morning in Ryebrook,NY. We worked out of a 2 car garage in Old Greenwich,CT. but that's the ONLY thing we had in common with Apple, Jobs. and Wozniak.


Here's what we made:


By the early 90's my partner left to go back to England, and the Kite business was under pressure due to NAFTA and the American attention span focused on Nintendo. So we diversified and took our Heat Sealing experience and started working on other companies projects.


We did a big project for Hasbro Toys and I had to build special equipment to pull it off. This led me to see that the money was in the Machinery and not the design and my pursuit of 3D CAD was on.  I had been using Personal Designer from Computervision since 1985 but it was abandoned in 1996. When Parametric bought CV, I was given a seat for $3K which was sweet given it's $12K seat price. But after a few weeks I sent it back... long story.


Anyway I finally settled on Solid Edge based on the "Origin" program back in the V7 days. This was a $500 price for Parts and SM, but no Assembly. I spent a month or so self teaching myself 3D Modeling and never looked back.... well except for when ST came out and I worried that it would not mature in my lifetime.


But Dan Staples and Development listened to us old time grippers (and I was the most critical I believe) and has made ST a brilliant product over the past few years.  I simply love Synchronous now, and shake my head in disbelief at how so many still resist it's power. And it's fun to use.


But now we Design and build special Heat Sealing Equipment as well as get involved in product development as well. We've worked with Fortune 100 companies and have made everything from Fuel Cell machines, to equipment that makes the Urine Collection bags that are used on the Space Station.





Re: ROLL CALL - Who are "YOU"?

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Bruce Shand

The Lanly Company

Euclid, Oh


Started in 3D wireframe CAD on Computervision systems in Silicon Valley in the early 80s. Then reluctantly had to switch to AutoCad for a few years (stubbornly used it as a 3D wireframe modeler when it evolved beyond 2.5D - version 11?). Went to another obsolete CAD system (HP Solid Designer and ME10) for a very brief while. Interestingly, Solid Designer was a non-history based "direct" solid modeler. Another PTC acquisition apparently.

Then changed jobs and used SolidWorks for a few years (mid 90s) until in 2000 I moved to a place using SE. Worked there for 6 years and moved to Northeast Ohio ('07) back to using SW/Smartream for about a year, then SE for about a year, then SW for about 3 years. Moved to a different company using Edge/Teamcenter for a couple of years and then here for the last year with Edge/Insight.

Product types kind of all over the map. Small intricate precision stuff. medium and large structurals, weldments, huge assemblies.

Lanly makes industrial ovens and the mechanical mix is mostly sheet metal and structural.

Here my role is a bit different for me. I help newish users with Edge, manage the Insight end (as best I can), library parts and such, wear a part time semicompetent IT hat and do occasionally help out with design/drafting. I like troubleshooting and helping out where I can, long walks on the beach....

Bruce Shand
SE2019 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: ROLL CALL - Who are "YOU"?

PLM World Member Legend PLM World Member Legend
PLM World Member Legend

My name is Frank and I'm an academic.............


Frank Mill, married for 32 years,3 grown up kids

likes cycling, watching football (Heart of Midlothian), cycling, ice hockey (Maple Leafs)

Lecturer - University of Edinburgh, Scotland

BSc Engineering and Management (1983)

PhD Shape Optimisation (2002)



mostly research and teaching but

1 year with Solid Edge reseller as CAD jockey

1 year at CSIRO in Australia

part owner and director of start up co (manufacturing information and costing analysis)


*using Solid Edge since v2

*can program a little when I have to

*understand a lot of theory for solid modelling, especially curves and surfaces

* involved in design work for student/staff projects

*teach Solid Edge to 100+ students and technical staff each year



Edinburgh University