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Thank you! I didn't see the option there at first, but I didn't look hard enough. Also, I'm trying to recreate an external cd drive just for practice, and I made the solid with most of the details. Is there a way to "cut" the front of the drive off, and make it into a new part? It's hard to explain, but the front of the drive pops out so you can put a cd in, what's the best way to go about making the "door" of the drive. Thanks!


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Have a look in the Blog section for a 3 part series on Mu...

Have a look in the Blog section for a 3 part series on Multi Body.  If you are trying to make a basic muti body part this is good info.


Other options: 


Divide part command (look in Solid Edge Help)


Create as an Assembly.  Creat Drive Body, Create Drive Door,  Assemble the 2 componants in an Assy.


All depends on what you need the file for and what down stream processes you might need.


Kinimatic analysis, multi position documentation, Mass properties based on differing materails... etc

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Since you are using ST4, you have a couple options.......

Since you are using ST4, you have a couple options....


You can model the two in separate part files and combine them in an assembly (you will need to do this eventually)


you can model them together (as you have) and then use the Divide Part command to separate them into two separate part files and then combine them into an assembly.  You will need to have surfaces created at the separation interface to do this.


In ST5 and beyond, for the second option, you can use the Multi-Body Modeling methods posted by others, but that is currently not an option for you since you are on ST4.


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