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Re: Trying ST3

Up to this point the license is not version specific.
Therefore you can install ST3 then reinstall V20 if needed.
The same license applies to both.
Just make sure you uninstall your current version before installing a
different one.
However, any file you modify and save in ST3 cannot be opened in V20.
Files are upward compatible only.
Rick B.

wrote in message
> I've been using SE Free2D for years with great satisfaction, and am
> still using the old V20. The reason I have not kept up to date with new
> versions is that when the interface changed to the "Microsoft Office
> Button" format, I found it too cumbersome. I'd now like to try ST3, but
> can I be assured that I can drop back to V20 if desired and not lose my
> license for the earlier version? I have kept the V20 installation
> file.
> John Hilgenberg
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