Re-assign Alt-A to Alt-F

Is there a way to re-assign Alt-A to Alt-F ?

I'm not sure why, but the File menu is now the Aplication menu. I would like to make it the file menu like all the rest of the programs I use.


Then I want to make save an S after using Alt-F. Like every other program I use.


Re: Re-assign Alt-A to Alt-F

Not sure if you can, but Ctrl+S is "save" in just about every program out there.

Re: Re-assign Alt-A to Alt-F

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Even if you get to somehow change the Alt-A to Alt-F, still would be out of luck.

Further, you need to press SA (replace with F, say) and then another S only to reach Save All.


I don't see any way you can get to save using just an S (or F) without getting rid of the Save All sub-menu.




Ctrl+S is also a standard and available with Solid Edge. You can try using that.

Though I agree to and contend that menu based shortcuts are logical and easier to remember than random key combinations.


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Re: Re-assign Alt-A to Alt-F

I have used the following hotkeys literally about 1 million times each because MS office and Adobe and AutoCAD all use them. Trying to set up SE the same way.




Alt-F-A=save as

Alt-F-X=close, no save


If I cant get those to work, I use the mouse and menu.


Old habits are difficult to break. especially when they have been committed to muscle memory for 30 years.


I thought using those hotkeys was a windows requirement.

Re: Re-assign Alt-A to Alt-F

These are the same for every windows program...


Ctrl-S - Save

Ctrl-O - Open

Ctrl-N - New


....No "Save as" I can recall exept for F12 for Microsoft products

Re: Re-assign Alt-A to Alt-F

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"Old habits are difficult to break. especially when they have been committed to muscle memory for 30 years." - What a wonderful statement !!  @12GAGE 


That's absolutely true. All MS Office programs, AutoCAD and Inventor too have taken care that all older Alt+ KB shortcuts are retained with the migration to the ribbon UI.


SW has gone the extra 1.6 km in that pressing Alt displays the older pull-down menu in place of the 'Quick Access' menu on the title bar - very elegant. So old users can continue using the menu system and the ribbon is also available all the time.


Solid Edge has missed this precious 'Golden Hour' so far. Not necessarily AutoCAD users migrating to SE but current Office users should have been considered. MS Excel users use keyboard the most of any other software. They sure would be using SE too and will definitely won't feel at home in the Golden Hour when it comes to menu based KB shortcuts.