Re-size base planes in Sync

Is it possible to re-size a base reference plan in sync mode in part?  I have to switch to ordered to get a the dynamic edit command, re-size and then switch back to sync.

Thak you for your help.


ST8  MP3


Re: Re-size base planes in Sync



the only way that I know is through editing of Solid Edge Options, so you can change globally the plane size of 120,00mm to your desired value.


But I have to say, that Solid Edge make it accessible/possible -in Synchronous Mode too- to choose the commande "Dynamic Edition" of reference planes, but it's not active.It shoud be better that Solid Edge desable all them that are not accessible in one of the modes.




Re: Re-size base planes in Sync

That still doesn't explain why you can't edit default reference planes directly as you can in ordered. Additionally by these option settings the plane is equal in X and Y unlike the ability in ordered to change one axis.

Bruce Shand
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Re: Re-size base planes in Sync

Yet another reason I avoid Sync.