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Really dumb


I'm trying to bring my DXF file into SE ST8. I lick open, go to dxf file and click. Program opens a window and I click "ANSI inch".  Which do I choose? Assembly, Weldment, Draft, Part or sheet metal. I've tried them all but still can't open my file. This file is going to be use to cut in sheet metal, I'm having overlapping lines in sheet cam and i'm trying to address the issue. Need help here as I'm new to the Solid edge software altogether.


Re: Really dumb

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

I think typically, dwgs generally being 2D, you use sketch. Not sure why sketch didn't work for you but try zooming way out and check the layer list to see if all layers are on, etc.


Edit: Duh, I meant draft not sketch.

Bruce Shand
ST10 MP7 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Really dumb

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

Here is a simple test file attached to try that I know works.
Try a Symbol Draft template.



Overlapping lines may be removed with Clean Sketch.




Re: Really dumb

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

If you select the Options button in File Open, you can choose if you want to bring your DXF file into 2D (Draft) or 3D (Part/Assembly sketch).  Since you are applying to SheetMetal, you might want to bring into Draft first and then copy/paste into your sheetmetal application.

Feel free to share your file and maybe someone here can document a workflow for you.



Kevin Grayson
Solid Edge Technical Consultant