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Redefine interpart copy to a different context.

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Suppose I have a part with some interpart copy features that were defined in the context of a particular assembly.  Now suppose I want to shift that part to a different assembly for some valid reason.  I now wish to continue the design in the context of that different assembly.  That design process may include some additional interpart copies created in that same context.  Now any new interpart copies cannot normally be created until the links to the old assembly are deleted and that is perfectly understandable.  So that means that the original interpart copies either have to have their links broken or be deleted and re-created from scratch.  Now breaking the links is fine if you know those interpart copies are never going to change.  On the other hand, if those inter-part copy links need to remain live then there is no choice but to delete them and start again.  That is a pain because most of the downstream features get messed up or deleted - resulting in extra work to fix.  All that could be avoided if one could redefine an interpart copy to pick a parent part in the new context (assembly).  I can see that a potential issue would exist with multiple interpart copies (temporarily) having different contexts - although maybe one could get around that by having a command to change the context of all the linked features in the part all in one hit.


I think that would be a great enhancement.  Would anybody tag onto that if I got an ER sent in to GTAC?


Re: Redefine interpart copy to a different context.

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @chrisstandring,


I would absolutely support such enhancement[s]. a very similar situation to this, just yesterday, with using Subtract in assembly, which I discovered, pushed all the inter-part links to the part file I was modifying, BUT, I had to delete those & rethink the approach, because it's a part we use in other assemblies.

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Re: Redefine interpart copy to a different context.

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Valued Contributor

Dude Smiley Happy


This sounds a lot like WAVE interpart copy functionality avaiable in NX.

You will get my vote for sure.



Re: Redefine interpart copy to a different context.

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I have exactly the same problem, but I don't use inter part copy for anything. I'm all ordered because I need parts driving other parts. There is no way to make one Sync part drive another Sync part without using more variable links.


I make parts within the context of an assembly to that planes and other parts can control the part size.


I have yet to find a way of ripping a part out of one drawing and re-use it in another in a way that is faster than re-creating the part. The time cosuming portions of the work are:

Reasigning sketch segment to planes in the new context

Re-linking variable between part and draft

Re-asigning variable names from draft dimensions to variables

Re-drafting the part


There are a few parts I have needed to model & draft 100's of times. All the same design, but the size varies in each case based on other parts of the assembly.


Because this is very difficult to explain, here is one of my "template" draft & assembly files that I re-size for many jobs.


Open model, and move say Plane X2 by 2" and see what happens to the draft.