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Reduced steps help



I just came to know that there is an option for reducing assembly steps in such a manner that when ever a part is placed in assembly, its faces selected automatically. Just what is needed is to select the target face where that part is supposed to be mate or allign.

How can I do it so assembly time could be reduced.


Re: Reduced steps help

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

What you want to do is possibile by activate the reduce steps during relations creations. You also need to capture the relations for each part.


From the Help page:


Reduced steps

The Reduced Steps option eliminates the part selection and accept steps in the traditional workflow. You can set this option using the Options dialog box on the Assemble command bar. When the Reduced Steps option is set, you specify the placement part and target part by selecting a face on each part. This reduces the number of steps from five to three for a typical mate relationship. There is some trade-off when using this option. Since the part in the assembly is no longer selected as a separate step, surfaces or cylinders on every active part are available for selection.

In large assemblies or in assemblies with numerous overlapping parts, positioning one part precisely to another can prove time consuming. In such cases, use QuickPick to filter the selection process.


When this option is set, you must specify the offset type and offset value before selecting the target face. If you want to use a reference plane on the target part to position the placement part, you must display the reference planes first.


Capture fit

The Capture Fit command captures the assembly relationships and faces used to position a part or subassembly in the active assembly. When you place the part or subassembly again, you simply select the faces on a new target part already in the assembly to position the new part or subassembly. This reduces the number of steps required to position the part.

If you used the Insert option to position a part, the Capture Fit command will capture a mate and an axial align relationship, since these are the relationships that the Insert option actually places.

You can also capture relationships by setting the Automatically Capture Fit When Placing Parts option on the Options dialog box on the Assemble command bar.

Re: Reduced steps help

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

AM2, when placing a part into an assembly you have the Command Bar. In there select 'Paste - option' and set 'Use reduced steps...'.

Search for "reduced steps" in Help also will guide you.

Regards /Ulf

Siemens EMEA GTAC Support

Re: Reduced steps help

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom


if I understand correctly, you are reffering to "Capture Fit" function.

Video below should help you to undarstand and set "Capture Fit" function. Link opens a youtube video.

Capture Fit




Re: Reduced steps help


Thanks for your Video. This explain exactly what I needed.