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Reducing File Size


I have a part file that contains only 1 BodyFeature. It is a dumb solid of a machine that was created using Edge Publisher. The problem is that the file size is over 46 mb, which makes it difficult to share via email.

Is there ways to reduce the file size? 


Re: Reducing File Size

PLM World Member Phenom PLM World Member Phenom
PLM World Member Phenom

Don't suppose you can share a screenshot of it?  I'd like to see it, 1) out of curiosity, 2) because that will help figure out how you can simplify the model to reduce the file size.


Without seeing it, I'd recommend trying to export/import it again, both as a STEP and as Parasolid.  See if the new import has a smaller size.


Does Solid Edge provide, or have you tried, using any of the "optimize" geometry commands?  If it is available, the command is usually found by right clicking on the body feature.  Otherwise, it is found under the INSPECT tab.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Re: Reducing File Size

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Solution Partner Genius

How large is the file if you compress it? Usally the file is about 8 - 10 times smaller after compressing it with for instance

Betreff: Reducing File Size

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Esteemed Contributor


what I just tested - of course with a different and smaller assembly - was, do save the ASM as JT (with precise geometry) and opened it into as part.


for comparing I did the same using parasolid as export/import method and the resulting two files were in a 1/3 ratio from filesize.


Depending on what You are doing with the machine dummy geometry thies could be a different approach to reduce the file size





Re: Reducing File Size

Doing a simple compressing of the file to a zipped folder was the best solution.
The export/import method did not reduce the file size since the part was already reduced to one body.